About Us and all la Lama..

Hi, we’re Jeff and Kate, and this is the story documenting our misAdventures of a move from a condo in Portland, Oregon to the foot of the Sangre de Cristo range in north-central New Mexico. Wish us luck – at 8,500 feet, we’re gonna need it.


So the story of this blog starts with us near Portland (Kate in her condo and Jeff in the cabin) and will document our way through renovating trailers, living in tipis, experiments with building strawbale homes, setting up solar power, rain catchment, composting toilets, building a garden from scratch, firewood, mechanics, chickens & horses, and other sorts of things related to off-grid living — and of course lots of puppies, which means we are Real Dog Lovers!


This is four dogs and Rusty the cat.

Eventually, I imagine we will fill in here some of the story of how we met, why we are togther, and what prompted us to make such drastic changes in our lives.  But that will have to wait for another day .. maybe Mañana ..

2 Responses to “About Us and all la Lama..”

  1. Howdy to Kate and Luka!

    You and Jeff make such a cute couple! I’m very happy for you, Kate! We wish you the best of luck out here in Yucca Valley, CA. Jean, Max, Lori, Kathleen and I loved hearing you play when you’d come to Water Canyon Coffee Co which sadly closed last year. But if you’d ever be playing out here again, ask the people who own the Celebration Center in Joshua Tree who have had WCCC’s fans follow there.Its owned by Debbie and Steve Brear ph# 760-902-9366 or 760-902-9982 at 6393 Sunset Rd, JT< CA 92252

    Your plans for off-the grid living sounds WONDERFUL!!!!
    My pal Kathleen whom you met when she was visiting from WI also lives off the grid out there by Gresham.
    If you ever go on Facebook it has all my dog photos since I took in 3 pups who were half dead out in my desert and now they are 8 months old and 2 are fixed living it easy in my back fenced yard with their Rottweiler father. Their half coyote/ half shepherd mother still lingers in my front yard but won't be caught easily but I have to do something before her 3rd litter here. I'm taking care of her ex-boyfriend we call Rufus and 4 of her young,(Rufi, Dexter, Naomi and Yentl) while the rest went to shelters and a few adopted out. So its great that you have so many pets! I have 11 dogs now so feel free to come get more if you're out this way!

    Hugs, Babs

  2. Hey Guys. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your adventure going offgrid. I moved to an acre and a half in the woods and have been working towards cutting the worldly ties. I live in a camper. I have a 12x 20 rough sawn barn with 2 lofts.One day it will be a offgrid cabin. I don’t know if you guys ever put your shower in the house but it not…..When my water freezes I always have 8 Or 10 gallons in the camper plus a couple 50 gal barrels. I heat water on my propane stove and put in my solar camp shower bag. Hang from my shower door. You could get a large plastic or metal pan or a clawfoot tub. Enclose with a shower curtain and run a piece of pic from the drain to out doors. If you don’t have a lot if space use the pan instead of tub. I have a cedar shower stall in my yard and I love looking at the trees in my piece of heaven. You two are an inspiration. Take care.

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