The Eye of the Beholder ./part 1

It seems that we always begin a new post with something to the effect of, “Sorry to not have written more, it’s been pretty busy around here …”  In this case, Kate has charged me to say some things about what we’ve been up to this summer.

I think last we left off with a picture of empty corral panels set in the driveway.  Though many have heard already, meet Drishti.

He likes to snack from the front flower bed.  He also likes to nap.
He also likes to eat, did I mention that?

Drishti has some new friends to hang out with, too.
He also likes to go out for walks.

Of course, Mister Drishti dropped in here somewhat unexpectedly.  We weren’t quite fully prepared.  And the birds now, too.  Snow is coming.
So, construction of the barn began ..
         There were a couple delays .. seasonal monsoons brought afternoon showers and a tree in the driveway was struck by lightning, then fall came on fast.  

And then we had Move In Day!  Yea!



In the meantime, Kate also managed to finish the plastering upstairs with some natural clay we found locally.  We also managed to keep a little water in the garden.



and of course, Kate converted some of the goods into yummies ..


Blue Hubbard pie & quiche.

I keep saying in here somewhere there is a joke about what I call ‘farm math’.
Barn materials:           $4500
Animal feed:           $800
Tack & equipment:            $1900

9 eggs & a horse ride:             priceless.

[sunflowers are free*]

* ” free” — see ‘farm math’ *

~ by riverbird on 8 November 13.

One Response to “The Eye of the Beholder ./part 1”

  1. I LOVE it!! Time for me to visit, ride a horse and have pizza. Miss you 2 ~ luvnkisses, Mom

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