Peeps ‘n Things

Happy Spring!  I mean winter.  I mean spring.  Jeff tells me that’s how it goes in the Rocky Mountains this time of year.  We had near 70 temps a couple weeks ago, then snow a couple days ago.  And of course, the spring wind.

We’re still gearing up to get started on work projects this season, but we have some other things to share.  We’ve gotten started on our chicken flock!  So far we have Black Astralorp, Buff Orphington, and Rhode Island Red youngsters, 1-2 weeks old.  We’re going to add a few Ameraucanas when the shipment comes to the feed store next week.  It will be challenging to protect them from all the hungry predators we have around here, but we think the dogs are up to the task.  That means we’ll have our own fresh eggs in about 20 weeks.


My mom got us a solar oven for Christmas and we’ve been using it for lots of our cooking.  Beans and rice came out great, as did these delicious squash cookies.  Lots of folks up here on the mountain have these…sun is one thing we have an abundance of, and the cost of operation is free!

We’ve been roasting our own coffee pretty much since we got here, and it occurs to me that folks might be interested in that.  We moved from Oregon where fresh-roasted, high quality coffee is easy to come by, so we were a little spoiled.  We tried to have coffee shipped in but it was cost prohibitive, and we didn’t love any of the coffee we could buy at local stores, so we started buying green beans online (@ Sweet Maria’s) and roasting it ourselves.  We do it “mountain man style” according to the coffee bean website, which is not recommended, but we think it turns out great.  Basically, that means we roast it in a skillet in the trailer and get an uneven, sometimes a bit too dark, roast, and we love it.  Every once in awhile we have to buy coffee from the store when we’re awaiting a shipment of green beans and we fondly refer to it as ‘crap.’


Jeff has been immersed in his “job” as Community Liaison for a forest thinning project that is happening in our community.  I’ll let him tell you more about that, but I will say it has taken lots of dedication, and he’s really educated himself about forest issues and worked hard to represent the community of Lama.


I just returned from a trip to Portland – the first time I’ve been there since we moved.  It was great to see old friends and play music in old haunts, but I had a harder time than I expected being in the city and I was really glad to get back to the mountain.  I guess I’m not a city girl anymore!


Stay tuned for updates on this season’s projects, including a water cistern and a horse barn!

~ by riverbird on 13 April 13.

One Response to “Peeps ‘n Things”

  1. I saw Kate play with Matt Meighan @ Edgefield and it was a spectacular night! Come back more often, Kate, and the city won’t seem as intense! 🙂

    Little tip on your soaking tub…I have one (not clawfoot) that my friend enclosed with a wooden frame which he then insulated. The amazing thing is how well that holds the heat. So it stays hot for longer. Add a hinged cover, and you are really in biz. Can fit two or take turns since the heat lasts so long…and then just drain into the garden!!

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