Howdy Strangers 2.1 ..

O.K., let’s try this again.  We have been having some tech issues to sort out.  Though we will try to be better about writing more regular once we get this sorted out soon.

Christmas ever here blessed us with light new snow.  Though ironically, it made for crappy sledding on Xmas day ..  but we had fun nonetheless as we retreated indoors for fireside wine.  It’s been some nice slow days recently.
The fall here was beautiful as well, though almost no rain at all.  We found a nice little aluminum boat we took over to the lake for a test run with the motor.. <Nov. 30 in the pic above:>All our critters, dogs and cats, are fine and happy.  We did lose Palo late this fall, he is missed .. then came the mice, which Rusty quickly got control of.  Now if we could get him to stop bringing mice IN – that would be good.

We managed to get a good amount of work done on the house over the season.  We got the ceiling/ roof insulated and all closed in with finish boards, as well as the half wall in the loft.  Kate finished base coats of earth plaster (mud) around the entire exterior of the building!  And we added a deck out back the loft.


and certainly some flowers ~  

We should try to be better about writing more.  Sometimes we get busy and other times there’s maybe not much to say .. We will keep some more photos in this album, but for now the only other picture over there that is not in this post is the yin dogs yang eating and kate and her mustangs.


~ by riverbird on 27 December 12.

4 Responses to “Howdy Strangers 2.1 ..”

  1. Good to hear from you guys! I might be passing through in a couple of months; I’ll let you know.

  2. And Howdy back! Russ and I miss you!!!!

  3. So glad you are all doing well. I love hearing that Kate has horses!

  4. Thanks for the post, and the pictures. They all look beautiful! I hope to make it out there sometime and see you.

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