Permaculture Design Certification at Lama Foundation

For the past two weeks I have been up at the Lama Foundation for the Permaculture Design Certification Course with Scott Pittman of the Permaculture Institute, based in Santa Fe, NM.  There were 20 of us taking this particular course, and Scott’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience was quite impressive.  I think I can say we all had an enjoyable week and shared a tremendous amount of information, though for me it was also a lot of time sitting on my arse in a classroom setting ..


On Saturday at the mid-point of the retreat, we had the unexpected opportunity to have the whole group over to our place for a tour of the property and some of the permaculture related elements we are doing here.  There is quite a crossover between off-grid necessity and permaculture design elements – composting, natural buildings, water management, gardening, community.  Later that day we visited Brad&Janet’s (of KTAO Solar Radio fame) place in Taos, then finished with some top-bar bee hives.


The group consisted of folks from NY, LA, Florida, Seattle, and of course Taos and Lama.  At the end of the week we finished with the talent show, a mandatory part of earning the certificate of completion.  This “final exam” was a nice relief of playfulness after a long two-weeks of intensive study – we covered a lot of material that may be more appropriate as a couple of semesters at University.



While I was away playing camp-school, Kate was at home tending all the dogs and cats and working on mudding the inside of our house.  She got a long way and it won’t be long now before the inside is “done” for this season.  Then we’ll move onto getting the garden area built, add the deck off the loft, and maybe start plastering the exterior and other project possibilities.

~ by riverbird on 26 June 11.

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