New kid Rusty, Choir, and Forestry .. oh my!

Introducing our newest family member, Rusty the orange tabby, yeah!  He has fit in here remarkably well and smoothly.  He spent the first few days carefully slinking around through the dogpile and got to meet Palo, they became quick friends.  One of the reasons we were wanting another cat was to give Palo a buddy, but also to have an extra mouser around the property  ..  However, I think the new kid may be dyslexic, rather than catching the mouse in the house, he caught a mouse outside then brought in in alive and let it go!  Good thing Kate wasn’t here at the moment.  When he’s not out mousing at night, he stay very close, insisting on sharing our pillows.




Kate has joined the Taos community choir.  They are singing “Elijah” and she has been recruited in as the soprano understudy for solo parts, and will be doing a series of performances in May.  Kate’s friend Matt Meighan from Portland will be visiting the area soon and the two of them are heading off on a two-week tour between Albuquerque and Boulder, CO.  Check Kate’s website for tour dates.

I ended up not having to ‘take on’ the Forest Service after all, but more so maybe joined them.  The short story is that there is a proposed thinning project immediately adjacent to our northern property line for the purpose of creating a fuel break for potential forest fire.  The actual work would be carried out by Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.  So in the end, I have become the community liaison between Lama and RMYC in an effort to make this a collaborative project.  As a result, I have also begun a pretty serious study of silviculture, forest ecology, and fire risk management.  I also enjoy a nice hot tub on cool early spring days ..

It feels very much now like spring has sprung.  Though even this morning we has an inch of snow ;-|  The past week has been a little breezy, but quite warm occasionally pushing 70!  With spring in the air, we are getting started again working on the building.  Kate has been mud plastering the walls in the loft, while I have been working on building a new dog yard area and various landscape projects.  We are looking forward to a busy and productive work season and will be moving into the loft “soonish”.

~ by riverbird on 4 April 11.

2 Responses to “New kid Rusty, Choir, and Forestry .. oh my!”

  1. I love the pictures of your animals. I can tell this is a happy home.Good to hear from you.

  2. enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward to keeping up with your adventure. Like you we have moved to the woods but we are on grid. We are slowly working towards more independence. Just purchased a wood burning stove and will have it working by this winter. We are building an outdoor shower and I love your tub idea. I raise chickens, Khaki Campbell ducks and goats. Also have a lovely garden which I am eating out of daily now. Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to my next visit.

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